The first question that people always ask me is…What is a Dog Whisperer? The second question asked is….do you lift-up the dogs’ ear and whisper into it?

Lichfield Dog Behaviour SpecialistThe word “Dog Whisperer” came from an American TV Series aired by National Geographic starring Cesar Millan. This series was called “The Dog Whisperer”. Here owners were shown, by Cesar, how to solve their dogs’ naughty behavioural issues by remaining calm, yet assertive and becoming true pack leaders.

The word “whispering” is an old Native American Indian terminology. It describes how to communicate and to understand horses by using the correct body language and energy, but without saying a word. This is the same concept I use when working with dogs. Hence the title “The Female Dog Whisperer”.

I solely work with the owners, their family members and friends, not their dogs! I teach all how to become true pack leaders by remaining calm yet assertive, therefore changing the dogs’ unwanted behaviour.

I am an animal behaviourist with 38 years of dog knowledge and an ample amount of energy to help dog owners understand that they have merely misguided, misread or misinterpreted their dog and it’s my role to help guide owner and dog back into a loving and respecting relationship.


PRIVATE DOG HOUSESITTING and PRIVATE DOG WALKING!  Give me a call on 07872-554930 and speak to me about using my services for these two possibilities.

VOUCHERS! Give someone an amazing gift with a FEMALE DOG WHISPERER VOUCHER. Any amount, pay via Paypal and the Voucher will be sent to you. What an amazing present for someone who has a naughty dog. Just give me a call or contact me via text or email and all will be taken care of.

AFTER DINNER SPEECHES! – Have me come to your dinner and present to you my adventures as the Female Dog Whisperer (36 years of history in one person) – contact me for more details!!